Transferring Photos to My Cloud Mirror


This might be a daft question but bear with me…

My Wife has just purchased a MacBook Pro and we were wondering what was the best way of transferring photos (or folders of photos) from photo to the My Cloud Mirror ?

Thanks in advance…

Hi, welcome to the community.

It all depends on what is exactly what you are trying to do. If you are looking to keep the pictures on your computer and just have an extra copy in case the computer fails, I recommend you to create a time machine backup.

If you are looking to free space from the computer, then you can manually transfer the pictures, by coping and pasting using the finder.

Hi Iluna,

Thanks for the response, it is much appreciated.

We tried a backup but it seemed to get so far before stopping, I’m not sure if it was linked to our internet connection.

Do you think that a backup would work better if I got a cable to link the MacBook to the My Cloud Mirror ?

Thanks again,


Hi, a direct cable connection from the Mac to the My Cloud will allow you the fastest connection, however, make sure that your wireless is disabled.

Hi Iluna,

Thanks again for your response, this is a big help.

It might be a silly question but is it just a USB cable that I need ?



Hi @Jamie_Mcvey, after re reading your original post I notice that you hace a Macbook Pro, which does not have the necessary tools for the direct connection to the My Cloud (an Ethernet port), my apologies for advising this.

How are you transferring the information from the computer to the My Cloud? Are you using the WD App?

Hi Iluna,

We have successfully transferred some files from Finder via the WD app but this doesn’t seem to work on folders of photos from Apple photo.

In terms of the full backup, we were doing this via System Preferences/Time Machine backup but it only got so far before resetting.

Once again, any advice Is much appreciated. We were considering logging a help call with Apple or WD.