Transferring My Book videos to iPad

I am storing family movies on a My Book external drive and would like to be able to transfer some of them to my iPad to share with family. How can I do that?

You need to connect your iPad to computer to access files using Windows Explorer. Then you will be able to copy videos.

So it is this easy?. Have you done it? How about with iPhone, too?
Give more details of procedure, how is iOS device connected, with its cable to PC USB? What folders do the videos go into?

As an iPhone 7 user, In order to store any video or song from PC to iPhone, iPod or iPad I follows the steps mentioned below:

1.) Plug in an Apple device through 5-pin Cable Connector using USB Cable in PC.
2.) Open iTunes Application on the PC.
3.) Drag n drop the song or video file into iTunes that you want to store in Apple device.
4.) Sync your Apple Device through iTunes.
5.) Now! video or song can be seen in your apple device respective application.

This will only work if the file is compatible with iTunes/iPad. Otherwise you may need to “convert” the video to a compatible format first.

This is basically Apple’s description of how to transfer camera roll pictures and videos.

What if we do not want to use iTunes at all and have other movies in other formats that can be played and seen using VLC’s iOS app? Easy; this link below was shared at this forum about a month ago, and works great to play anything VLC can play (mp4. m4v, etc.). It likely would work with camera roll movies, too.

No worries, here is the tips to play iTunes movies on iPad. I hope it helps you well. Thanks.

This is not an appropriate solution for many reasons.