Transferring media library to new hard drive?

I have a WD TV Live SMP that I use exclusively with an external hard drive connected by usb. The hard drive currently connected to it is on its last legs so I recently bought a new larger hard drive to replace the old one and I was wondering if there is any way to transfer the media library so I don’t have to go through and redo all my ratings and favorites.

I have tried copying the .wd_tv folder from the old hard drive over to the new one but it didn’t appear to work.

It seems that some database files are hidden.
Try copying the contents of the old drive via Total Commander or 7-zip.

If you’re using Windows, under "Tools -> Folder options -> View ->  enable “Show hidden files, folders and drives”…then just go into it and select everything to copy. 

…or you could use that other software to do 1:1 disc copying, but I didn’t find that necessary when I did it… I just “ctrl-A” to select all, and “Copy” and “Pasted” it to my new drive. Everything went with it.