Transferring Mac files to My Cloud Home

Hi there,

I have a Macbook pro and have purchased the My Cloud Home. I have done a Time Machine back up.

I was told when I bought this I would be able to access any of my Mac files through the My Cloud app from anywhere. Can someone confirm if this is true?

I cannot work out how to transfer all my Mac files to the My Cloud Home so that I can access them through the app. All Youtube videos etc. are geared towards the old My Cloud system and are not helpful. The WD UK support phone number on the website does not work from a UK landline or mobile.

I am tearing my hair out with this now as I am not finding it user friendly at all.

@juliagulia55 Have you looked at the User Manual?

You may want to visit the Learning Center too.

Definitely not user friendly. 2 hours with “chat” on support yesterday and go nowhere. Piece of ■■■■!

Yea WD is really a drag… they need a new CEO with skills

That is partly true. WD can’t possibly be making enough money to justify supporting this class of consumer personal cloud storage hardware business at this price level. Apple would have gotten rid of this type of business long ago, and Apple did exactly that even though Apple was charging about 5 times the price that WD is selling the My Cloud Home now. Apple rarely discontinues product categories but they got rid of the consumer router-NAS business (Apple Time capsule) after low profitability for 10 years between 2009 and 2018 and instead started making loads of money from their cloud storage and the storage subscription model.

And in fact it’s a pity because the WD MyCloud is a great concept, but WD fails to make product info, usability and support into something modern.