Transferring Hard Drives Between Models

I’ve seen an article on transferring harddrives, but it wasn’t totally clear whether it would be ok to do it between different WD Models. I’ve currently got a WD MYCLOUD Mirror Gen 2

I’m thinking about getting a 4 bay DL4100 with no drives. Could I pop the hard drives out the My Cloud Mirror and and drop them straight into the DL4100? And then add additional drives into the DL4100 at a later date? I’m using the drives JBOD currently and wish to continue to do so.

Would doing this preserve things like my torrent client and settings (I back this up regular so not a disaster if not, but it’d be handy to know in advance).


Hello rhintintin,

Yes, data will be restored back when you place drives from My Cloud Mirror enclosure to My Cloud DL4100 as these are configured in JBOD.