Transferring from acryan playon HD to WdTV

hi, i am trying to move approx. 1 tb of data from my acryan playon HD to wdtv live. the fastest speed i get so far is approx.8mbps with the acryan connected via usb to the PC and the wdtv via ethernet. the pc is also connected to the router via ethernet.

the problem is that at this rate, it will take 40 hours to move the data! is there a quicker way? will a usb hub work?

thanks in advance


Do you have and external HDD connected to the WDTV? Because you might get a faster transfer rate if you connect the external HDD and the acryan playon directly to the PC and transfer from there.

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hi, sorry i should have clarified this. i have a wtdv with the built in 1 TB. dont have an external hard disk. is there any way to connect the wdtv direct to the PC? or can i use a temporary external hard disk to transfer first from acryan to hard disk and then hard disk to pc? thats double the transfer volume! will it bring down the transfer time significantly?

my acryan peacefully connects to the pc via USB, its the wdtv which is the proble,

I do not think you can connect wdtv hub directly to the PC via the USB cable…which is the painful thing