Transferring files while watching a movie?

I have already tried doing a search on this topic, but no one seems to be concerned on this matter.

Question is basically the title: can we transfer large movie files while watching another movie simultaneously? Will this strain the system and/or hard drive or cause errors?

Thanks in advance!

Yes it does cause problems.

Well I am sure from memory, that I tried to move a large file onto the Hub, and when viewing one on the Hub itself, it stuttered every now and again.

Its no surprise really, as if you tried that on a PC, the strain would show unless you had a good one, the chipset in the little box is not up to much that way.

And if you try and move something from the Hub to somewhere else, I hink yo are stuck on that screen till its done, I could be wrong, but I transfer stuff very rarely now, and just share everything network wise, as its just too slow to transfter even hard wired.

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Thank you very much for the response. Now I know for sure.

One in a while I’ve had a problem when I’ve tried to move a large file or files to the Hub while I’m streaming Netflix. Otherwise I’ve had no trouble.

That’s more like an external source though, well ish.

If you try and move a file through the Hubs bottleneck chip set then try to view a file on it. Then its a bit more of a strain I reckon.

I do this all the time.  Copy to the laptop while watching the same movie.  Zero issues.

Attadj wrote:

I do this all the time.  Copy to the laptop while watching the same movie.  Zero issues.

That’s very different as both operations are reading the same data and from the same area of the disc. When transferring one file while trying to read another you are stressing the disc controller and slow downs are normal as the read head has to bounce back and forth across sectors.