Transferring files to new computer


I have purchased a new PC running windows 8.1 and I want to transfer files from my old PC that I have backed up onto my external drive (WDBAAR50000ABK-00) onto it. However when I plug the drive into into my new PC, while it is recognised no software seems to be transferred onto the new PC. On my old PC a backup/restore option appears in the control panel, which I assume was associated with the WD Drive, but no such option appears on my new PC. The drive did not come with separate software, so the software must be on the dive itself. So I don’t now how to get this software onto my new PC, or if there is some other way I can I trasnfer the files onto the new PC? Can anyone help me?



Hello, what backup software did you used on the old PC? 

I just used the backup/restore function in Windows Vista, available through control panel.

Hi again, sorry for the delay. See if the following link helps.