Transferring files to EX4

When I’m transferring files from a USB drive conected to my MAC to my EX4, I get the following error message:

You can’t copy the item “.wdmc” because its name is too long or includes characters that are invalid on the destination volume.

These are files that were prevously on the EX4 but I recently reformated (3) 6TB from JBOD to Raid 0

Hello bookb2003, welcome to the WD Community. Does this error happens with all files you try to copy? 

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No it doesn’t happen with every folder/ file, on average 1 out of 4. I have 976 folders to copy over, averaging 4 to 32GB. if I select one at a time its fine. If I select 4 or more it will give me the error.

Hi again, try connecting the USB drive to the back of the EX4 and verify if the same problems happens again, you can also try to unmount and map the EX4. If possible also verify if the problem happens with another Mac OS or Windows PC. If the problem continues, I recommend you to contact tech support directly. 

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Thanks for your respoonse.

I pulled the files off of the EX4 through the USB of my MAC. The USB drive is still connected to the MAC and transferring the  files via Finder.  Is it possible to pull the files from the USB drive when its conected to the back of the EX4?