Transferring Files onto Hub but it's Creating New Folder Paths & Duplicates?

Hi there. 

I bought a lightly used WD TV lIve Hub off Ebay to give as an xmas gift.  I still haven’t celebrated Christmas with her yet, but it will either be later tonight or tomorrow.  My plan was to set up the system already, update the firmware, and transfer over all her video files.  But I’m running into some problems. 

I updated to the latest firmware, and was able to get past all the “Media Library Compiling issues.”  So now I have somewhat successfully done two file transfers from a portable HD to the WD TV Live Hub. 

The Hub is solely meant to be a storage device for my friends movie and tv files, that she can directly play thru her tv. 

She currently does not need the additional apps on the hub, as her tv already has the (ie: pandora, facebook, youtube, etc).  Therfore, as of now, her Hub is not connected to the internet anymore. 

The WD TV Live Hub is currently connected via an HDMI cable to her tv.   

I am using a WD 160 passport HD to transfer her data onto the hub. 

I have just been directly connecting the passport HD to the front usb of the WB hub and allowing it to sync. 

The passport drive has only two folders on it:  MOVIE and TV

I have been adding up to 160 gb each time of files. 

I separate them into either the MOVIE or TV folder, and then connecting it to the WD hub. 

When it’s finished, I connect it to my laptop, delete the 160gb passport drive, and add a new set of 160gb of data onto it.   

Everything was okay until now.  And it seems that the TV folder is having more issues. 

I have 4 shows already on the hub where I hadn’t transferred 1/2 of the episodes of a particluar season. 

I am now trying to go back to all 4 folders, and transfer the missing episodes. 

The shows I am having problems each have one folder titled: 

                                                                                                            Gossip Girl Season 4

                                                                                                            Greys Anatmony Season 7

                                                                                                            Greys Anatomy Season 8

                                                                                                            Tudors:  Season 2 thru 5 (there are individual folders after)  

For example, if I click on “TV”, and then "Greys Anatomy Season 7…this is what you will see. 

I had already uploaded Episodes 1-12 to that folder via my last sync, but didn’t have room on the passport drive for episodes 13-24.  

Now the passport HD has all the missing episodes for all 4 programs, and I just want the hub to place them into the individual folders where the other episodes are. 

Since I don’t know how to manage the folder structure yet, I kept the folders the same name on the passpoet drive, hoping it would automatically align with the folders on the hub, and just place the missing episodes.  I even deleted the original eposides that the hub already has, so there wouldn’t be a problem with transfer duplications or sync issues. 

When I click on VIDEOS now, it has created an extra folder.  

The original folder was WDTVLiveHUB.  

The new folder is SOFTWARE

Under SOFTWARE, ironically there are TWO folders titled TV. 

Both TV folders have 8 folders underneath when you click on them. 

It is the missing eposides just uploaded, but each show has a duplicate.  (thus 8 folders)

If I backtrack to the original folder:  WDTVLiveHUB, I follow this path:


                                                               usb_sync  >  Software_7E68ACDC68AC9485 >  two folders appear  MOVIES or TV


  If I choose MOVIES:  it shows me the 95 movies that I uploaded to the hub that I did in 2 different syncs.  No problems


  If I choose TV:            ironically eposides for Gossip Girl are here, but the other 3 shows don’t have the missing ones

                                       (which means Greays Anatomy Season 7 & 8, plus all of Tudors does exist on the hub, but is off 

                                        track and in it’s own folders)

I don’t know why the rest of the Gossip Girl Season 4 episodes found it’s way correctly, and I don’t know why the system duplicated the shows twice under that new SOFTWARE folder…with the two TV folders.  

But I did attempt two syncs, so maybe I missed the new Software: TV folder the first time, and then it created another one after I did it again. 

So before this gets out of control, and before I have 42 new folders with different episodes spread across different paths, does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what I need to do, and how I can fix things in the future. 

I woulnd’t say i am a computer novice, but I am certainly far from the experience and knowledge I know alot of people have with computers, and certainly this advice.  I printed the 294 page manual, and well, I have no idea where that is going to help.  I also tried to read a bunch of forums and threads before posting my question…but i couldn’t find anything exactly like my issue (even though I assume there is a ton of overlap in other questions). 

This is for a very dear female friend who has helped me struggle through some not so fun medical issues in my mid 30’s…so i would love to have this thing all set and ready to go when we do our own christmas exchange. 

I will check back on this post, and my email pushes out to my phone. 

Thanks a ton, and I hope everyone’s Holiday was great. 




You can try to move the files over the network manually…

If you are able to connect the live hub to your router and share the drive through your home network, you will be able to copy all the TV shows to the specific folder