Transferring files bigger then 4 Gig

Since the day i installed Mavericks on my iMac computer i’m unable to copy/ transfer big files , larger than 4G from my deskcomputer to MyBookLIve 2T and 1T. Is there a way to format the network drive to NFTS or isnt this necesseray?

What is the solution? Anyone?

The only alternative is to split my movies , transfer them and then repack to one file.

A lot of work for a movie of some 5G

Thanx for helping me out…

No, there’s no reason to format the disk.   

The only size limitation I’ve seen is when doing transfers via WD

Hi, what  could the problem?

I have no idea as I’ve never used a Mac.

What kind of error messages are you getting when you try copying files larger than 4GB?

Can"t copy , the structure is too big to copy 

(tanslated from dutch)

Which protocol are you using to connect? AFP, SMB, or CIFS? If SMB, that could be the issue.


i dont even know what you 're talking about

SMP, … 

it sounds like Chinese for me :slight_smile:

How can i check that on my Mac??