Transferring data from Mac OS 10.5.8 iMac to Windows XP Professional HP Elitebook 8460p


I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Last week, prior to my seven year old iMac’s monitor completeing fading out, I backed up all ~400 gbs of data to my WD My Book 1110 USB.  Today, when attempting to transfer my data to my Windows XP Pro HP Elitebook, I received a message prompting me to first format the external hard drive (Local Disk E). If I format it, I lose all my data, which isn’t an option (nor is attempting to extract data from a formatted disk afterward). I can’t use my old iMac anymore even when I hook up an external monitor. Please help! 




As a recommendation, you can try searching online for a HFS reader for windows. I’m sure you will find a third party application that will allow you to read your drive on the windows computer.