Transferring data from G-RAID 2TB disks to a new one

I have G-RAID 2TB disk which was recently broken and won’t be powered up. I did not see any sign of bad hard disk, so I assume it is purely a mechanical issue with the disk.

I asked local agents and they do not know how to fix it and many advised that it would be better to open the G-RAID and take the hard disks out to save the data (I bought the G-RAID long time ago when I used to live in the US. The warranty is over and now back in my home country, people won’t venture to open and fix it for me).

So I just took the two disks (1TB x 2) out, and now am wondering what would be the next step. Can I just buy any new external hard disk that supports RAID, copy all contents to the new disk and it work like a charm or there should be other procedures?

I am replying to my own post here - each disk contained a mirror copy of entire data. It worked like a charm!