Transferring backup volume to larger drive

I have just purchased a WD My Book (6 TB) because my 4 TB Book is full. How do I transfer the Backup volume in the smaller drive to the larger drive with all linkages in the PC transferred too?

Thanks Chris Fletcher


I would recommend that you transfer the backup manually by drag and dropping or copy and pasting from one drive to the other.

I have tried file transfer but this did not work as all files in different backup generations have the same file name and will overwrite the earlier versions.

However I chanced cloning the old disc to the larger drive using Macrium Reflect Free. This worked but left me with two partitions on the new disc 1. (active) exactly the same size as the old one and 2. a new (empty) partition of the rest of the disc space.

Using Windows Disc Management I gave the command "Expand Volume"which increased the first partition to the full size of the disc.

I then set up Backup from my PC to this new drive (with the cloned copy) and that detected all the files that were already saved on the backup disc (whicvh were most of them and all links were established with the new disc.

I would just like to point out that a facility to do this process is badly needed within the WD Utilities.

Thank you

Chris Fletcher