Transferred images from iPhone through MyCloud are mostly gray on drive

When I transfer images from iPhone to WD drive at home using MyCloud app, the images say they have transferred, but the images are partially transferred. Look at what is on my drive, the images are mostly grayed out, some totally grayed out. What’s happening? I just used 1.5 gigs of my network plan to transfer images, that didn’t really transfer over. I feel like I just wasted a bunch of money doing it.

I bought this WD 4TB drive so I could transfer images to my drive at home while on vacation or on photo shoots, but didn’t think I was going to get this.

This is a big issue.



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If the WD device is in use. Some examples of use are: streaming playback, file transfers, or file changes. WD Photos is a low priority process, so any other operation performed by the device will take memory and processor resources from WD Photos

Is this happening with all the photos that you upload or just a few?

If you reset the device, stills the same?

That really pisses me off too. I’ve lost dozens of irreplaceable family pics because of that same issue. Usually it when I’m making a fresh backup of my data after support has no clue what the problem is so they say “We nedd to restore your device” There is always risk in compromising my data during this restore process and backups of high quality images are always degraded like that where theyre missing entire sections of the image. I’ve honestly never had this issue on any device other than WD. I usually compare the folder properties down to the exact number of bytes to ensure it looks like a complete copy but then notice images like that on my backups later on. Mine are usually giant blue squares tho.