Transfering to hub via


I JUST GOT MY NEW TOY AND I want to know should i tranfer my  .mkv files via pc to hub or plug into  extrnal hd to wd tv hub

  1. i tried to transfer via pc to hub BUT 1 file was going to take 57 mins :frowning:

so i connected to hub dirrectly and it seems to be “sync and tranfering over faster”

2 question. what is SYNCING:>?

thanks for ur help guys  … also should i always do a firmwere upgrade?

  1. That’s really up to you… I was using a WDTV Gen 1 with several drives and got tired of walking back and forth from computer room to living room.  It’s really a question of convenience over speed… Connected direcly to hub is thru USB so it will be faster than transferring through network then onto hub internal or hub usb connected drive.

I just set and forget it. Just transferred over 100GB of movies thru network, took 5 hours, and at the same time watched a movie off of the same drive i was tranferring the files to.

  1. Syncing is when you copy content from usb connected drive onto the Live Hub itself…

and as for the firmware upgrades… it depends on what was updated / changed in the firmware. If there was a Major Change/Bug fixed then - yes. 

If there just minor tweaks or unsure of changes then I advise - no

Hope this helps and enjoy your new toy…