Transfering 'Theme' files - how long is too long?

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I’m just discovering all the customizations one can do with the WDTV SMP. I’ve downloaded the Mojo theme zip file via the movieshowto website. I am attempting to submit it to the WDTV SMP via the UI over a wifi connection. I am using Internet Explorer (firefox didn’t like it), and it has so far taken about 35 minutes. Is this the normal transfer time, or is something wrong? I’m thinking the latter.

I’m using Vista Premium

WDTV SMP 3rd Generation

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It should take no longer than 1 or 2 minutes to upload a theme file.

I checked that file from the movieshowto website, and it has been compressed, so that will never work.

Theme zip files must have no compression.

You will need to unzip it and rezip it with no compression, or find an already uncompressed version.

Some Internet Explorer users report problems as well.  Chrome Browser works well for uploading theme files.

Hi, Ronmaz. Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I shut it down, and then tried again (with Firefox) and it was fine. So, not quite sure what that was about.

I am surprised to read that the compressed Mojo shouldn’t work because it worked for me?? I did nothing to it except transfer it to the SMP, then chose it as my theme, and it worked without issue. Weird, I guess.

I’m just starting to learn about themes and moviesheets - never done that sort of stuff before. I would love to change the fact that when in folder view, the top folders (the first folders you see which are categorized into music, movies, etc) don’t have images; they are just blank rectangles. And above that where the info would go when selecting an actual movie, there is n/a, n/a, n/a because, obviously, the folder doesn’t have a director or a movie name, etc. What is the point in having that in folder view? Is there a way of getting rid of it by editing the xml file?

Thanks again, Ronmaz.

To have a folder display an image all you need is a jpg picture file called folder.jpg and put this inside the folder with the movie file.  If folder.jpg doesnt exist, then it will just display the image of the first jpg inside that folder.  This is basic stuff and not related to themes or movie sheets.  It’s explained in the WDTV manual.  Maybe that should be your first read.

Then look up the program called thumbgen.  Theres documentation for that as well.  That is a brilliant movie sheet creator.  You can also search this forum for “themes” and you’ll find heaps of good stuff.

Thanks Ronmaz. I guess I would be well served to actually read the user manual! Thanks for your tips on the folder image. I shall get to it.

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I have also found it works best with Chrome.