Transfering speed wireless

I have files and  I am trying to move the usb stick files into the 1 movie library I created from my PC on the HUB and it takes forever to transfer the files. Also when I click on configure it asks for a user name and pass.

It’s quite possible that your USB flash drive is USB 1.0 instead of USB 2.0. USB 1.0 is only 1.5 megabytes per second. USB 2.0 is 60 megabytes per second.

How are you transferring the files? Have you got the flash drive plugged in to the hub and using the hub commands to transfer them? It is 2.0 I transfer files from USB stick to the USB hub w/o an issue. When I transfer USB on my PC to the networked hub wirelessly it takes long. I am a computer tech and stay up with the latest so I understand about speeds. I am trying to sort out my Hub so the movies are in a neat folder and as I try to organize my hub via my PC (movies movies off of the listed usb stoick drive into my movies library) it takes forever.

How is the drive formatted? Have you tried a different USB stick? Have you tried both ports?

If you mean that you are transferring files from a USB drive plugged unto your computer to the hub over a WiFi network when yes it is very slow.

Thanks it is easier to plug in my thumb drive to transfer over then under options to move to the correct folder etc.