Transfering multiple files without compressing them into .zip files?

Having the files compressed into .zip files is more often a hassle than not in my case. There are random times however, when the files are not compressed into .zip, and are transferred as is. I’m just wondering if there’s a surefire way to transfer files without having them compressed?

I transfer zip; rar, tar, exe, bmp, tif, etc. without any issues … are you having a problem?

What do you mean “surefire way to transfer”?
How do you transfer files?
Are you Copying or Moving files?

More information is needed. WHAT is compressing the files into zip files before transferring them to the My Cloud?

Generally using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder or the various My Cloud software/apps/online portal the files are not compressed (AFAIK) into zip files when copied to the My Cloud either locally or remotely.

Transfer your files to your My Cloud the same way you would to any other computer.
Check this out and hopefully it will help.
My Cloud │How it Works

Sorry let me be clearer. Usually when copying multiple large files like mp4, mkv, or avi from MyCloud to my computer (both Mac and Windwos), usually they are compressed into one zip file. There are random times however when they are transferred as is. I would like to know if there is a way to just copy multiple files to the computer without having them compressed into one. Thanks.

Are they compressed on the My Cloud before you transfer them to your PC?
Are you transferring through Finder, Windows Explorer, Desktop app, etc? or a mapped share?

No, they are not compressed. They are in their original format (mp4, mkv, avi, etc.) I’m transferring them through the Desktop app for both Mac and Windows.

If you are connected to your local network there is no need to use the WD My Cloud Desktop program, use Windows File Explorer or Macintosh Finder instead.

Further mapping the My Cloud to the computer makes accessing it easier/faster.