Transfering large files hangs Explorer.exe


As the subject title implies, I am having difficulty transferring some files from my Windows 7 (64-bit) system across my network (wired and wireless) to the Western Digital media player.  Attached to the media player is a Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB hard drive.

Anyway, when I try to transfer large files (usually) nine times out of 10 the transfer indicator pops up and shows you the location and destination to which the files are to be transferred.  Smaller files seem to go through without much difficulty, but others wind up hanging Windows Explorer

Is anyone else having trouble doing so?  I came across an article on the web about turning off a Windows ( Data Execution Protection) feature and seem to have some initial success.  However, today the problem has resurfaced and I have to do a hard shutdown of the computer.  I’m about ready to reinstall Windows 7, but figured I would try this forum first.

Aside from the transferring a file issues I really love the media player.  I bought two of them for my home.  Just wish I could iron out this little issue I’m having.

I am seeing a lot of other horror stories through Google.  Transferring large files to external drives that is.  However, I don’t have any trouble copying them to a connected USB flash drive or hard drive.  Only when transferring over the network and through the Western Digital media player to the USB hard drive connected to it.

I guess I must be the only one having trouble transferring large files with Windows.  However, in the event that someone should come along later with this same problem I would like to offer a solution.

I tried a third party file/folder synchronization application and it works perfectly.  It is called SyncBreeze, and could be downloaded from the following URL.  The watered down (free version) application has all of the functionality I need to update both Western Digital media players in my home.  I hope someone else finds it useful.

SyncBreeze is a free, fast and easy-to-use file synchronization utility allowing one to synchronize files between directories, disks and networked computers.

I found that copying large files with Windows XP took forever so I now use Teracopy to copy or move files. It integrates into explorer and has overcome all my problems. 

Its free for the basic version.

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Cool.  I think I like yours even better.  It integrates well with Windows Explorer and has a bit more features than the one I was using.  Thanks for the link.