Transfering files

Trying to transfer movies from my computer ( quad core system) to the HD in the wd player, transfer rate is rediculasly slow, I have 634 movies to transfer and estamating 12 days. . . .?? .

If u are try’n transfer over wifi that maybe the reason. Try to hardwire it. Speeds should increase.

I transfer at 3.5 mb/s over wifi … yah slow.  if i hardwire to the router, it’s a bit faster aroun 7 or 8 mb/s. over usb2 it’ll be about 30mb/s 

My system is run through one router at 100g and is hard wired.

What’s your transfer speed?

I’m running at 10 - 10.5 MB/sec, hardwired through GIG router. As is well documented, the so called GB network connection in the WDL is more a gimmic than real.

But 634 movies (lets say at 3.5GB a piece) = 2219GB of data which would take around 72 Hours and 50 minutes to transfer at 10MB/sec