Transferable warranty

I’m selling a laptop with a WD black 500GB HDD fitted (WD5000LPLX) Can the unexpired warranty be tranfered to the new owner (expires 01/08/2021)?

Hello dominator99,

You can sell the drive to other person and the warranty of the drive is applicable on the product will be the same for the new drive’s owner as well.

Hi Tech_Wanderer

Thanks for your comments

  This is the reply I got from WD tech support which is in line

with your comments

"* Further to your email, please be informed that the
Warranty of the WD Black SATA drive is not dependent on the
owner, but the unit itself.*

  •    As such, once it is sold, if the

owner wishes to check the Warranty or replace it s/he can still
do so under Warranty"*