Transfer/unrar wirelessly to a harddrive connected to the WD TV


Bought the WD TV Live a few weeks ago and I love it. I tried streaming wirelessly, but it was stuttering every now and then because, I guess, my router isn’t good enough. Anyway, I connected an external harddrive to the WD TV Live to transfer files directly to the harddrive from my computer, and then play them. The problem is that it’s taking for ages to transfer something (3 hours < ), and it always get cancelled by my computer.

Do you guys have any suggestions to fix this? As it is now I have to move my harddrive back and forth between my computer and the TV. It’s not the worst thing, but still a bit annoying…


If you have alot of files then yes it will take a long time, it will take me about 10hours+ to move all my content and some other members alot more time! If your copying the files with your computer then try terracopy its a nice little copy program i think, there is a pro version but i think the free version is good enough.

Well, the more than 3 hours is when I have tried to transfer a film in 720p (around 5 gb maybe…). I have tried unraring directly to WD TV harddrive, first unraring to my computer and then transfering the movie file to the external harddrive, but none is working. I have yet to successfully transfer a film wirelssly.

I will try that program. Thanks!