Transfer stops


I got a problem which is that i try to transfer files between my laptop and my harddisk and the harddisk is connected to the media player. It starts to transfer but stops after a while. Small files like 2 mb is transfered but movies or sizes alike is always canceled.

What to do??

ps. I transer the files wireless from my laptop to my dsl modem and then with cat5 to the media player.

Make sure your disc is formated NTFS instead of FAT32 (which limits the size of files).

It is NTFS

Sometimes it transfer 300mb and sometimes 2 mb. And almost always ti will stop the transfer and says that check the connection and that it doesnt find Y: which is my external harddisk

Try wiring your laptop directly to your router and see if it then works.

well I suppose I could connect it that way.  But my whole idea is screwed then. Isnt there any other way to get the wireless transfer to work?

Ps. Have to say that my friend has a Xtremer and it does the same but everything works. I’m a little dissapointed with my WD