Transfer speed

I received my 4TB cloud last night and decided to try to host an application that is used by all the computers in the home.  (This is something I download from the internet as a 60MB .zip file that contains about 300 subfolders and 4500 individual files.)  I created a folder on the cloud and proceeded to upload the contents.  Oh my gosh that was painful.  The upload took over an hour as the files were transferred one at a time with quite a lot of handshaking between each (please see the task manager screen shot at: ). 

Is this a misuse of the cloud?  My alternative is to put the original .zip file on the cloud and serve it to the individual machines as before.  But if this is proper…

FIRMWARE SUGGESTION:  When doing a task like this, use WD algorithms to compress or combine the individual files into a single large file, upload that to the cloud, and then using the processor on the cloud split the file into the original pieces…


By previous experience in the community most performance issues are related to hardware or settings.

See the article bellow for suggestions on how to improve your performance: