Transfer speed within the drive itself extremely slow


I am using windows 7 to access the My Book Live 3TB through the network.  However, I only created a folder within the My Book Live and copy 2 folders (total 16GB) from an existing folder of the drive to this new created folder. In other words, everything are within the drive and doesn’t require accessing the network.  But then the speed is only 1.31MB/second and it says it will take about 2 hours.   I don’t know why the speed is so slow especially since the folder is already within the drive and I am basically moving it to another location in the drive.

Appreciate for any assistance.



If the folders are in two different shares, it will require use of the network.

So, you mean even though both folders are on the same drive and the files are already in the storage, and if I am copying from one shared folder to another share folder, then it will go through the network.  Is that right? If so, can you explain why?


From share to share, your PC must do that because the source and destination are considered diffent Volumes with different ownership, rights, policies, etc.  

EVERY system does this.