Transfer speed sloooooooow

Transfer speeds between my PC and the MBL (and vice-versa) are down to less than 1 Mb/s from a “normal” of 4 Mb/s. Has anyone experienced anything of the sort in the past couple of days? MBL connected to router and accessed via WiFi Laptop runs Windows 7 64b Windows 7 was updated on tuesday Since the Win7 update: - the MBL network location can’t be opened - every time I try to copy/move data between shares (or into the PC) I get a message of “this type of files can be harmful to your computer” and have to provide authorization - speed down to a crawl I’ve tried: - router reset (unplug actually) - laptop reset - MBL reset

What are speeds if laptop is wired?

If by “wired” you mean “connected directly to the router”, they are the same and over WiFi.

Then you have maaaajor problems somewhere if you can only get 4Mb/sec via wired…

Should be more like 50-100x faster.

The biggest part of the puzzle is the “Warning” you’re getting.

Windows *never* gives that kind of warning simply from copying files. 

My first guess is it may be related to a WebDAV issue.

Try browsing the WebDAV FAQ to see if that applies.

Even using WebDAV, though, that error shouldn’t be happening.