Transfer speed from hub to my book essential external hard drive

Just trying to copy about 500gb of data from hub to an external my book essential drive via USB slot on front of hub

getting 1.72mb/s - is that normal speed?

You’re doing this via a PC?    Or are you doing it via the Hub’s UI?

Is that 1.72 MegaBITS per second, or MegaBYTES per second.

Is your WDTV Wired or Wireless?

Is your PC Wired or Wireless?

Sorry answers as follows:

doing via pc laptop Sony Vaio windows 7 3gb ram i3 processor

1.72 megabytes per second

WDTV is attached to bt hub 3 via wire

PC has BT infinity wireless bbroadband

No wires between PC and WDTV hub

External hard drive attached to WdTv via USB cable using USB slot at front of WDTV

Yeah, that’s a slow network…  You’re basically copying FROM the USB on the Hub, and then storing back to the Hub internal disk.  So you’re using twice the bandwidth.

Thanks Tony - is there any faster way to copy from the WDTV to the external drive? I found copying from WDTV to drive connected to PC with USB even slower:(

Sorry can you clarify what you mean by I am “storing back to the hub internal disk” please?

I didn’t want to add any files to the WDTV hub - I wanted to move or copy them from WDTV internal disk to the external hard drive. I had backed up all my photos to WDTV hub so I could reformat laptop. I now realise accessing my photos directly via WDTV hub over wireless network is too slow to allow me to work quickly. Hence I bought the external WD MY Book Essential USB drive as I know that access speed to files on that when connected to PC with USB 2 Is good enough for my work flow. 

Ok, but it’s the same thing – your data have to have a round trip.

You can use the Hub’s UI to do the copy, which won’t use the network at all, but just keep in mind that you won’t be able to interact with the Hub while it’s doing it…

Ah thanks Tony - I haven’t ever used the hub UI before so will give it a try. 

Many thanks for your help.