Transfer Rates with WD My Passport 2TB External Portable HDD

Hi friends, i purchased a new WD hard drive on black friday 2012… and i liked it… but as western digital says it gives ttransfer rate up to 480mbps with USB 2.0… i m using toshiba satellite A305-S6872 laptop which has three USB 2.0 and one eSATA port… but i m getting only 20 to 55 mbps transfer rate… would u like to suggest me what is the reason for that and possible solution for that  ???

if u want to see that HDD which i m talking abt then go to below link…±+My+Passport+2TB+External+USB+3.0/2.0+Portable+Hard+Drive±+Silver/6640321.p?id=1218783008391&skuid=6640321#tab=overview


Your speed sounds about right. Those high speeds are more theoretical than real world. 2 things that can affect transfer speed are the speed of the drives involved and AV software.


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Solved?  I just installed new 2TB MyPassport and I am getting max 6.27 MB/sec according to Windows 7 Copying popup window (More detail).  I need to copy about 600GB of data and my system is telling me that this will take a day.  The transfer rate starts at about 600KB/sec and then got up to 6.27MB/sec at one point, but is more consistently around 5.5MB/sec.  I purchased this device because the advertised USB 3.0 speeds were comparable with eSATA internal speeds (5GB/sec USB 3.3 SuperSpeed is pretty close to 6GB/sec eSata)

I have spent a couple of hours already trying to find solution on the web, and followed MS troubleshooting procedure here, but found no issues with my setup or my other hardware.  I have a hexcore machine with 16GB RAM, eSata drives, etc.  My MSI Mobo supports USB 3.0 and it is enabled in BIOS, I have correct cable connected to SS (blue) USB port on back of my machine, all drivers are there and up to date and working properly. Although ASMedia XHCI driver entry in Device Manager mentions nothing about USB 3.0).  WD Drive Management devices and WD SES Device is there as well and working properly.  I don’t understand and seriously need some help.

I need to know how to get eSata compatible speeds or I need to return this device (I actually bought 2 of these external drives) and get internal drives.  I would prefer to keep the MyPassports if I can get them to work as advertised.

I would greatly appreciate some help.  Thanks anyone.