Transfer rate problem

Hi guys, I am using My Passport 750gb external HD and encountered some problems that I hope that some kind soul here is able to help.

Attached above is my normal transfer rate. However, after awhile the transfer rate will drop drastically, sometimes even to 0! When transfer rate is 0, the files will be unable to transfer.

Anyone is also facing this issue? My other WD HDD is not facing this problem. Thanks in advance!

It could be a cable issue or a controller issue. I’d recommend replacing the unit’s USB cable. If your unit still stalls then I’d recommend running a health test on your unit using WD Drive Utilities.

I am using WD Elements 2TB and facing the same issue. Windows recognises my drive and I am able to access all the files. But when I open the WD Drive Utilities app, it says ‘Attach a supported WD Drive’.

When I use the Data Lifeguard Tools app, the SMART status is shown as PASS in green. I am not able to do conduct any kind of tests.

I have tried using other USB cables and on other PCs as well. The issue still persists. Please help.