Transfer rate of files in folder 'Iphone Camera Roll Backup'

Hope somebody can help me out with this; I want to move the files that are automatically backed up from my Iphone to another folder. The problem is that whenever I try to move or copy files out of (or into) the Camera Roll Backup folder I consistently get a transfer rate of 0.35 item/s !!! With +7000 photos this is a no go…
Once moved out of this folder I can move the pictures around to other folders at regular speeds, so there’s something going on specifically with the backup folder it seems… already tried switching off the auto-backup function on my phone for a couple of minutes, but that had no effect.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

I took the easy road and use iCloud to manage my iPhone and iPad images

Search for iOS file manager, many of which are free and capable of transfering at much higher speeds.

Thank you, I’ll look into this. Besides that does anybody know of a solution directly in Windows 10? Or maybe a cause of the slow transfer rate in this particular folder?