Transfer Problems

I joined my friend’s Cloud and I got the mobile app for my Android phone, but it’s impossible to listen to anything because the transfer speeds are so slow. For example, the song I was just trying to listen to started skipping at about 2 seconds, so I paused it to give it time to catch up so I could listen the whole way through. It has been ten minutes and the green bar has made it about a tenth of the way across. This is a six-minute-long song, and it happens with al the music I have tried so far.  What is going on?

veronicak5678 wrote:

What is going on?

Could be any number of things, but the first thing I’d wonder is if there’s enough internet / network bandwidth available at all points between wherever you are and wherever the NAS is installed.

In general, I’m even able to watch streaming video from mine over a 4G cellular connection without many issues…

How can I tell? I don’t know anything about this stuff, but the drive is physically only about three blocks away from me right now. My phone has 4G as well.

Have your friend visit

and find out what the UPLOAD speed test reports.

It’ll also be useful if you can tell us the physical size of the file you’re playing, as well as its play duration (so we can calculate the bit rate.)

I really don’t want to bug him anymore about this stuff because we’ve been having all sorts of problems trying to get me set up, but I know he can stream his music no problem and so can other people on the Cloud.

The file is 21.07 MB, but I don’t know how longit is because the player dowsn’t show it. Less than ten minutes.