Transfer ownership of the MyCloud account

After a divorce, I’d want to transfer ownership of the account to my wife. Short of deleting the account and starting over at the NAS with the new email, is there a way to transfer the access to another account?

Hi DavePfz,

Sign in into My Cloud dashboard, here you can remove the previous e-mail account and add new to sign up for account. You may refer below KBA for more details:

Personally I sold my Cloud device, now preparing the transfer hoping for a smooth process !

  • Is there a way to transfer registration to the new owner - is it any use ?
  • Should I delete my email first and then have him sign up (the linked web page in this article does not cover modifying or is not clear about it, only creating a new account) or will modifying the email trigger creation of a new account ?
  • The buyer does not have a computer, only a tablet and a phone, will it work if I setup everything on my network and then move the drive to the new network at my friend’s place ? ( I tried connecting through my phone’s browser and got a message : “Tunnel connection failed” ) UPDATE : I was finally able to reach the dashboard with my phone’s browser (chrome) !