Transfer of files from MyBook to MyCloud

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Hi everyone

I just bought the My Cloud and am trying to organise the transfer of my files from a 2TB My Book World to the 3TB My Cloud. As the total volume of data to be transfered is around 2TB it is aparent that this is a massive trasfer. On the other hand this includes documents, music, video and any other type of files one can imagine. A considerable number of these files are quite large while there are numerous too small files as well.
I can certainly think of copying/moving these files via a PC, using i.e. the Windows Explorer, yet this is going to take ages. I do want to avoid involving traffic from/to the PC as well as processing time within the PC. So, I’m looking for alternatives or, say, smarter ways of doing it.
I guess there could be a way to ‘instruct’ the My Cloud to copy/move files from the shares of My Book World to itself, which btw is on the same LAN segment with the My Cloud, connected to the same switch.
I would indeed like to hear from anyone of you who knows whether this is possilbe at all, or can suggest any other idea or solution to the issue.

Thanks in advance

Question 1: I would have answered, but the “Reply” button is greyed out.  Why?

Question 2: I have the same situation. Definitely you want to avoid going through “the PC” – our machines are on WiFi, and Western Digital explicitly recommends transferring more than 50GB of data that way. And why put a third computer into the picture? I also want to avoid “some backup software”, as a respondent suggested. How about mounting one drive onto the other. I.e., log in to one of the storage devices and type something along the lines of

mount -t cifs -o username=quigi //\ Home\ Public /mnt

 (assuming the other machine is at, and then simply use cp.  At least then it’s all on the ethernet, and nothing besides the two WD hosts has to shuffle the data around.

But on which of the two (source = MyBook or destination=MyCloud) would you mount the other?  And are there more efficient solutions?  E.g., they come with  rsync  and ssh  pre-installed, so using that could be another option; compression could trade some CPU load on the disk drives for network bandwitdh.

Answer for #1, Look at the date the discussion was posted. When I look at his user name all his post are shown as locked, read only. When I clicked on the post to look at it I didn’t even get a grayed out reply box.

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cat0w (USA)

If they are both exporting SMB shares, why mount anything?

Just use “smbclient” on MC and copy the files from the other device.

NOTE: I am assuming My Book World is similar to MC and has shares and all that … and assuming both in the same workgroup and local network.

Thanks jamalaya.  Smbclient sounds like the way to go.  Usually it fails with some cryptic message like tree mapping failed, but perseverance pays, and once I’ve gotten it to connect.