Transfer of files from My Book World to My Cloud

Hi everyone

I just bought the My Cloud and am trying to organise the transfer of my files from a 2TB My Book World to the 3TB My Cloud. As the total volume of data to be transfered is around 2TB it is aparent that this is a massive trasfer. On the other hand this includes documents, music, video and any other type of files one can imagine. A considerable number of these files are quite large while there are numerous too small files as well.

I can certainly think of copying/moving these files via a PC, using i.e. the Windows Explorer, yet this is going to take ages. I do want to avoid involving traffic from/to the PC as well as processing time within the PC. So, I’m looking for alternatives or, say, smarter ways of doing it.

I guess there could be a way to ‘instruct’ the My Cloud to copy/move files from the shares of My Book World to itself, which btw is on the same LAN segment with the My Cloud, connected to the same switch.

I would indeed like to hear from anyone of you who knows whether this is possilbe at all, or can suggest any other idea or solution to the issue.

Thanks in advance


Sounds like a task for a backup software that can backup network drives.

The My Cloud drive comes with an utility to safely backup all the files to another unit but not the other way around.


Thanks for the reply. Though, I’m afraid that this does not add to my knowledge on the issue so far.

May I suggest however that a piece of software that would serve ‘the other way round’ should be part of the software package that comes with My Cloud?

I quite certain that there are numerous of buyers of the product out there that upgrade from a lower capacity or older technology NAS. And as a software engineer with 35 years of experiece I believe this is not a big deal indeed.

Thanks for your suggestion.

You can use the ideas board to suggest for this feature to be added if possible.