Transfer from Windows XP to Windows 7

I have a WD My Book Essential 2TB that I bought new this week to transfer files from my old Dell running Windows XP to a new Vaio running Windows 7 which I just set-up today.

It took 12 hours to transfer 11.66 GB from the old XP - but I had not downloaded a “Windows Easy Transfer” which I now fear I should have to accommodate the change from the old 32-bit XP to the new 64-bit of Windows 7.

When I began the transfer to the new Windows 7, it asked if I had backed up using “Windows Easy Transfer” - I selected “No”. It then told me to plug in the EHD and select a file location and installed somethig.  But said I had to go back to the old computer, find the file it just installed to backup my files to the EHD.  But I’m not sure what it even installed - don’t know if it was the “Easy Transfer” or not.

Do I absolutely need to go back and download the “Windows Easy Transfer” program to the old computer, and then repeat the backup to transfer my 11.66 GB to the new Windows 7 computer again?

If so, where can I download it for sure?

If the transfer can be done from the My Book already backed up from the old XP w/ the 32-bit, but will just take a long time (the XP only had USB 1.0 or 1.1 ports, so it should be a bit faster since the My Book cable and the new computer are USB 2.0) - that would be easier than having to set up the old computer again, downloading the “Windows Easy Transfer” and repeating the whole process again.