Transfer from MBLD to USB?

I’ve found a few threads re: transfers in the other direction but what is the best way to transfer files from MBDL to an external USB drive? 

The transfer I’ve tried is taking an age. Are the files first transfered to the laptop via wifi and then back to the mbdl and then to the usb drive.  Can’t imagine that this is the case but it is very very slow and the wifi connection is constanly in use.


The USB drive that you have is connected to the computer or on the drive it self? If is on the drive, make sure that you are mapping that drive and through windows explorer, you should be able to move the files from one folder to another.

Try creating a Safepoint and use the USB as the destination.

From the UI choose Safepoints. There will be two options, Network or USB.

After the safepoint is created there will be a few folder levels you have to go through, but I am pretty sure it does a straight copy of the data.

This will be direct from the Duo to the Drive.