Transfer from External to Hub

Okay, i have mapped my External USB 2TB WD Element which is directly Connected to my Hub on my PC.

This allows me to drag/drop files to wirelessly transfer onto the External Drive connected to the Hub

But how do i go about transfering files that are on the External Drive, onto the Hub at Maximum speed’

I know how to sync files from the External to the Hub and i get like 9MB/s when doing that, but it doesn’t allow me to pick and choose certain files to transfer.

and if i try to transfer from my PC using the mapped external drive, dragging and dropping from the external to the hub’s mapped drive i only get my wireless transfer speeds (1mb/s)

Is there anyway to pick/choose certain files to transfer from the hub and also get “sync” speeds as if i transfered by using the remote ?

The fastest way to transfer files to the hub is to physically disconnect your USB drive from your hub and plug it directly into your PC or laptop. Before you unplug your drive from the hub, be sure to press the “eject” button on your hub remote. This is supposed to be a “safe remove”. Copying files to and from an external hard drive attached to your hub through a wired gigabit network tops out at around 10 MB/s. This is a little faster than wireless N, but nowhere close to Gigabit speeds. Using the hub’s Windows filesharing allows me to access all the files without requiring mapping a drive. I’m not sure why you needed to do that. Finally, I discovered a shareware program called “Extreme Copy Pro”. It seems to yield a faster transfer speed than standard Windows 7 file explorer. I hope I’m understanding your problem and this helps you out.

No my computer is in the bedroom, and my WD TV LIVE Hub and 2TB External HD are connected to my TV in the living room.

So all my files that i download on my PC i wirelessly transfer them onto my External Hard drive. I do not want to have to disconnect my External from the hub at any point.

My question is, how can i transfer a file that is on the External Hard Drive, that’s directly connected to the HUB from my PC but at the speed i would get if i were to sync files from the Hub?

i MAX out around 1.3mb/s through wireless transfer from my PC to The Hub

But if i sync files from the external to the HUB i can acheive around 9MB/s

But if i open the external hard drives files through the mapped drive in my computer on my PC, and transfer them onto the Hub’s internal hard drive, through a mapped drive in my computer on my PC i only get the 1.3mb/s (same speed i get through a wireless transfer from my PC’s hard drive to the hub)

There should be a way to get the same speed i get from a hardwired sync (9MB/s) from the external to the HUB … But i’m asking how do i do that from my computer screen?

Sittin in from of my computer screen i can open “My Computer” and See the [W:\ External] and [Z:\ WDTVLIVEHUB]

allowing me to drag/drop/edit any files on either of those hard drives wirelessly from my PC, but the Extrernal and the Hub are hardwired connected to each other, so i shouldn’t be getting wireless transfer speed when transfering files between them, only when transfering files between my Pc and Those two drives as that is a wireless transfer.

So how do i get the 9MB/s when viewing the 2 hard drives through mapped drives on my PC and transfering between the two hard wired drives?

The speed that you are getting when transfering you files via your PC is probably the max, since you are limited to the transfer speed of the connection between you PC & the HUB.

When you use the sync, you are using the direct connection speed, but when you transfering files using your PC you are basicly transfering the files from your external HDD to the PC then back to the HUB.  So what ever transfer speed you have when you transfer fles from your PC to the HUB will be the same if you transfer from your external HDD to the HUB via the PC.

About the only way to get a faster transfer is to either upgrade you wireless or go wired.  I have a combo N+ router (it has both wired & wireless) & wired it get’s about 8Mb/sec from the PC to the HUB.