Transfer files via USB

I haven’t purchased a live hub yet, but would like to know if I can transfer files to the internal disc from my computer via USB cable. I don’t have an external USB drive and my router is in an awkward location and would be difficult to make a direct wired connection to the hub.


I don’t think you can connect your computer directly via USB but if you have a wireless network you can transfer files that way.

I’ve got about 500G to transfer and I thought that would be rather slow. I’m trying to decide whether to buy the live hub with its internal drive or the WD TV live box and an external usb drive. I don’t really need a network connection for anything else so don’t want to buy a wireless adapter just to get it set up and running.

You can connect the hub directly to your computer by using a crossover cable which you can connect from your computer’s ethernet port to the hub’s ethernet port. The transfer rate is not as fast compared to transferring files to external hard drive but I still think its good enough in transferring files directly from computer to the hub.

The nice thing about transferring over the network is you can use the box while its copying… if you do it via usb you cant use the wdtvlive.