Transfer files from pc to live hub hard drive?


Have been using wdtv live hub for a while and finding the transfer speed of files really slow and could do with some help.

The very best transfer speed i seem to get via ethernet cable (pc to router then router to live hub) is around 10-11mb/s.  Wifi transfer varies between 4-6mb/s. When putting on a number of files (i.e each file between 1-2gb’s) it takes a while nevermind if transferring 10 files at a time. Usb flash drive transfer max speed is 8mb/s when it is 30+mb/s on pc.

My Questions >

1. Is there any way of speeding this up?

2. Can you make a direct network connection between pc (win7) and live hub without the need for a router?

3. Can you connect Pc to the live hub via usb? - would it act like a passport drive?  or would it be a bad idea as you can’t connect pc to pc via usb?

Or are there any other suggestions for transferring files?

Any help would be appreciated.

When talking about network speeds, it’s best not to abbreviate.

If you are saying that WIRED, you’re getting 10-11 megaBYTES per second, that’s actually a pretty good speed!  Most people would be envious of you.

Wireless rate of 4-6 megaBYTES per second is also fairly decent.

The answer to #1 will depend on your clarification of the above.

#2>  Yes, you can, as long as you manage the IP settings correctly…

#3>  No, you cannot.

In regards to #2

I do it with mine all the time. I use Win7. I just make sure BEFORE I turn off the Hub and disconnect it that the Network settings are set to AUTOMATIC. It is slightly faster than via the network on cat5. To me it’s not worth the effort unless I have a lot of files to move at the same time.

Note:  AUTOMATIC will only work if your PC is a also a DHCP server.