Transfer files from HUB to HARD DRIVE

I’ve seen many threads on here talking through the various ways to transfer files from an external hard drive to the hub. However, I am remodelling my setup and I want to transfer a portion of files (around 850GB worth) from the Hub onto an external hard drive.

I tried to do this over the network but was getting speeds of 1MB/s which would have taken weeks! Is there another faster way of doing this as I can achieve speeds of around 15MB/s when I transfer files the other way?

What happens if you use the Hub’s file management to copy the files directly to the attached drive, instead of doing it from the PC where the data needs 2 network transfers (Hub->PC and then PC->drive attached to Hub)?

How would I go about using the Hub’s file management system? I looked through the on screen menus but couldn’t find anything relevant.

Find a file or folder on your internal HD via the media browser.

Press OPTIONS.    Select MOVE or COPY; whichever you want.

Then select your destination on your USB device.


for me i did it using a ‘cross over’ cable which is like a regular ethernet cable but each end is wired opposite the other. so it gave me a speed 20-40MB/s 

here what i did:

PC: (fixed IP)
IPv4 Address:
IPv4 Subnet Mask:

Live Hub: (fixed IP)
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: (optional)
DNS:  (optional)

then go to your PC, click Start > Run

and type Live Hub IP:


now you can browse Live Hub content and do what you want (Moving, copying, editing, renaming …etc)

Enjoy! :wink:

That’s excellent Tony, thank you very much for your help!

Other method:

I think it’s also possible to get higher Ethernet speeds if your Router is Gigabit and the cables in between a computer and the HUB or Cat6 instead of Cat5.

I just got a Netgear Router which is Gigabit (about 125MB/sec instead of 12.5MB/sec maximum). I’m getting some Cat6 cables to replace the Cat5.

I suspect the bottleneck would be the WDHUB’s ethernet connection. I really don’t know where it would max out but I’m betting I’ll get 25MB/second at least.