Transfer files from EX2 Ultra to new computer

My old computer died. I had stored all of my important data on a My Cloud ex2 ultra on a virtual drive (Y:/). After I attached my new computer to my home network. I opened the device on the network. It was running firmware version 2.31.149. My NAS virtual drive options were gone. All of the data could be addressed from the “Web File Viewer” application on the device dashboard. The only way I’ve been able to move data from the device is by using the download function of the app one folder (share) at a time. The process is slow and tedious, zipping each file then unzipping it on the new computer. Is there a better and faster way?

I followed the advice of StrokeGuy2016 on a related post and Presto!! the drive appeared. Thank you StrokeGuy2016: The advice follows:

Right-click on “ This PC ” in File Explorer and selected “ Map Network Drive… ”.

Then choose any unused Drive letter, and enter the following for Folder :

\IP Address\Public

For example: \\Public