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All 100+ GB of my music are on my laptop which is connected via wireless to the network. I do not have the patience for the network to transfer wireless… I tried hooking up a usb 3 but the device was not recognized by my laptop. Support told me that is only for expansion not file transfer. They also told me that I could hook a network cable directly from my laptop to the device…it would be faster. Faster than usb 3.0’s maximum 5GB per second? I don’t know. Anyway the laptop isn’t recognizing it this way either. Help!

BTW I really don’t like this product so far. It was meant to replace my broken ipod classic. Got it for christmas. So many issues for a music lover.

The remote app for playing music is junk. Go through the entire file tree to find one album or song? Only random within that file? No sorting of any means? ie genre, year, artist, etc? No building playlists from within the app? No que control?

Total Garbage.

Dear WD. Spend more time on this app or develop a separate one. Movies are fine this way but not music. Think of who your target audience is. Who needs 4 TB of storage that you can access remotely? Media junkies. I personally do not need to watch movies on a 4 in screen…or my tablet. I need my music collection though. The ipod classic with it’s 160 GB of storage is now defunct,; discontinued. What is my alternative? An iphone for $600 plus $150 a month bill for one tenth the storage? NO. Carry 50,000 CD’s in my car like it’s the 90’s? NO.

Let me put it this way. If I had gotten a bare drive with a usb 3.0 connection (pretty standard now) I would have had all files transferred within an hour. Another 20-30 minutes (maybe) and I would have installed the free plex app on my htpc and the $1.99 android companion app. All in all in less than 2 hrs I would have been up and running with a feature rich music app. Do better.

Hooked the laptop and device both to the router. Just under 900 KB/ second.

This is going to take years longer than it should.

I hate you WD

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I believe the best option for you is to contact WD Support for direct assistance with the app and the unit.

A few things that you can try to improve the connectivity with the drive are, using a static IP on the drive and using the drive on a gigabit environment.

WD Contact info:

Hi, I want to share my experience on it

I got my 3T wdmycloud 1 week ago.

i connect my pc and NAS to a gigalan hub.

when i copy large files (size > 1G bytes) with windowxp’s copy and paste from pc to NAS, the transfer speed is cap at about 35MByte/sec.

if I use filezilla to transfer large files from pc to NAS via ftp protocol, THE TRANSFER SPEED CAN HIT 70 TO 90MByte/sec.

Hope it helps people with speed issue