Transfer data from x-ternal to PC HDD

Well lets see if i can get some sense out of how to transfer data from x-ternal HDD to PC HDD.

When i go screen that shows me the retrieve tab these are my options which one do i use.



I have X-HDD hooked up right now which one of the above will transfer all of the data that is on X-TERNAL HDD to new HDD,THIS MAY SEEM REDUNDANT TO SOME OF YOU,it is not totally clear to me right now i think what have going on is

that the X-TERNAL HDD is the equivilent of using a transfer cable that plugs into one PC to another PC and transfers all of

the data to new HDD,its not that clear when you go to the retrieve tab area,you know its just as clear as to when it took me all nite to just set up a PW&UN to register on this web site.


Well sense i made my first post about transfering data from my old PC to my new PC HDD all i have accomplished is to get a blister on my finger you search all over the internet and almost get the right answer i even went back into old HDD and added the WINDOWS EASY TRANSFER WIZARD to it as was suggested to help with the transfer process but that will not even work.

I EVEN WENT INTO the retrieveable tab to see if by some minor chance i was doing something wrong i figured what the **bleep** even if screwed it up i would still have about 900GB of space to work with and all off my data would still be on my old PC HDD AND I COULD START ALL OVER and i am not the only one having these problems it is a common problem for about everyone that tries to transfer data from one PC to another PC THIS SHOULD NOT BE THIS hard and even if i bought the easy transfer cable i think i would still be at where i am right now as both HDD’S are still in one tower.

If you saved the data with software like Smartware you will probably need that to get the data back.


HI,Joe_S,Well i think i am about done with this WD X-TERNAL HDD,heres what i thought about wiping HDD clean of what ever is backed up on it,hooking it back up and another backup,but i was also wondering about a reformatt of X- TERNAL HDD and then backing up whats on my WINXP OS to see if that would make any difference other then that i will just have to put up with going into the BIOS changing boot order to the old HDD as needed that would also get me more running time on old HDD,then i will look for a better X-TERNAL HDD that you can acutually get data transfered as needed.

The X-TERNAL HDD shows there are about 55GB of data on it so i would think it is still on it.

The only bright spot is i did get about 600 KB of data off X-TERNAL HDD,but where did the other 55GB of data go.

thanks for the but i think i am about done with lessons from WD.

Well i went into area to do disk checking and the complete test came back as a failed test,now do i eraise all on disk and do

back up of old HDD to see if it may work.

I do not see any reason not to eraise WD backup drive,any ideas would be appreciated,thanks

Well,i ran the eraise program and after that ran diagnostics and it says it failed three times.

Well heres a update on non working X-TERNAL HDD,i ran three full diagnostics on HDD  and they all came back HDD was bad.Called WD and they told it was out of warrannty so now i have $90.00 paper weight.

Now i have WINDOWS TRANSFER  CABLE program installed on both of my HDD’S so i if understand how the cables work i would need to take one of the HDD’S out of my PC install it in my other E521 PC,then use the transfer cable from one E521 TO THE OTHER E521 and should down load all of the data from old HDD to new SSDH HYBRID HDD with WIN7 on it is this right.