Transfer data from WD MyCloud to new MyCloud Home

Hi All, I have an old MyCloud that is sitting in India, it is hooked up the internet and I am able to access the data with a slow speed on my browser. I have houses in both India and the USA and I keep traveling between the two places due to the nature of my work. But, due to COVID-19 I haven’t been able to travel for a while now, and I need all the data from my disk in India to transfer to a new MyCloud Home that I just purchased and have with me in the USA.

My questions is: Is it possible to copy all the data (over the internet) from my old WD MyCloud to my new WD MyCloud Home. I can assure uninterrupted internet during the time of transfer.

Additional things I have already tried:
There is an option under ‘Do More’ that says ‘Network Import’, however after enabling this when I try to configure, on the web app the page just couldn’t load. On the mobile app, when I click configure the first time it said something along the lines, that this feature is not available at this time. and after I tapped okay the configure button is just greyed out and cannot be tapped.

Any help with this regard would be highly appreciated. The data on my old hard drive is very important and I need to transfer it asap.