Trailers from Youtube with no sound via optical cable

I have 2 wd tv live hubs, one in my room and one in my moms room. I have my sound hooked up via HDMI to my receiver but my moms receiver doesn’t have this option so I have hers hooked up via optical cable.

When I click options on a  movie file and click watch trailer from youtube the sound works fine on my setup but on my moms she just gets video and no audio. Any idea why?

Also any idea why all the movies don’t have the watch trailer from youtube option?(I have gotten all of the content info on my movies)

Thanks in advance!

Turn off passthrough of AAC in the WDTV’s audio settings if the receiver won’t decode AAC audio.

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Thanks that worked perfectly! Any idea why some movies don’t have trailers though? and my last question as well, any idea why when you go to delete a movie it doesn’t delete the content info as well?

Thanks again!

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When I use the UI to delete a movie, it deletes the VIDEO file, the Thumbnail JPG, and the XML file.

Movies don’t have trailers if the user’s haven’t added one to the database…

Thanks RoofingGuy!

I have my WDTV Live Plus connected via HDMI to a Pioneer receiver and then to my speakers/TV. I was able  play Netflix and Movies from my HD just fine but Youtube audio would not output to my speakers. Turning off AAC fixed that little bit.