Tracking/Monitoring use on My Cloud

Hello all,

Just wanted to know if there was a way to track or monitor use on My Cloud? A few users have access to my cloud, and wanted to see if there was a way to know whose downloading/uploading/streaming files?

It is possible, but it is currently not a factory-enabled feature. Some Users have added said functionality via custom modifications.


with which custom modifications i can see it? and where i can get this modification?


Basicly - you can enable logs and se what happends on device via SSH.

Netstat show you who connected. Samba logs - who and what downloading/uploading.

Another way - install OMV:  Read this thread.

But you loose hight speed on samba (Only 40-50 MB/s)

thanks … one little question… how can i enable these Samba logs? This is exactly what i searched for … to see who and what is downloading/uploading.