Track number play order for mp3, wma files - out of sequence

I don’t know if I love or hate this unit…got it from my son at Xmas, seems like a great little toy, but it is SOOO buggy. I am really trying to keep my cool and make it do the things I expect it to, but I have little patience left. So I’ve come to terms with the ridiculously slow transfer speed via ethernet, and how newly transferred files “dissappear” from the internal directory lsiting. Haven’t figured out why my TIF photos do no display. but the real thing that bothers me is that when i play an audio album (mp3, wma), I expect it to play in track order, Track #1, #2 etc. I know there is a switch to play in file name or title name order, but if the track number isn’t embbeded in the filename (god forbid I need to put it in the title name!!!) them the album is played in alphabeticall filename (or title) order. No good when you’re listening to opera, or athe Beatles White album where I can name every tune in sequence my memory… also somewhere on the box or manual I read it handles wpl (windows media playlists) but haven’t been able to figure out how it works.

Looks like this unit will end up occupying the same junk pile I threw my old WD 1T notebook in … that unit was a dissaster as well… would always hang up the boot process unless it was turned off first… but bthat’s another story. and one that WD “support” never was able to answer.

Sam Austin

Unfortunately as you have found out the live does not recognise the track number. You could create a playlist for each album and play that. As to the tif problem you would have to look at the tif’s and see if they conform to the WD limits.

TIFF tif/tiff

Uncompressed 24-bit RGB (most common), 2048x2048, Multi-page not supported, only shows 1st page

Compressed JPEG

RLE (run-length encoding)

LZW (loss less) 2048x2048