TP-Link USB WiFi - TL-WN821N and WD fir. 3.00.28

Hi, i just update my WD live hub to the new firmware version 3.00.28 (I use USB wifi TP-Link) and the WD refuses to  receive an IP address!

Any idea how to resolve that issue?

Try restarting the device.

Nop, i try everything and the solution was: Previus firmware version.

Hi again, I just upgrade Wd Live hub to v. 3.01.19 because I would like to use my IOS devices. So the issues are the same, after the upgrade I dont’ t have a wireless connection. Find bellow some steps that i made : 1. Factory reset without USB adapter connected 2. Plugged USB and wd recognized it. 3. Select my wifi network with wep protection and submit the wep key. And the message after that step: “Wireless network not found” unable to connect to the network. Please make sure you have entered the wireless network name and password correctly I try the abbove steps to another wd with different router and the results was the same. Any advice, do I have to try anything else?

Also I would like to add that I try with manual ip entry and the results was the same!

It seems t be a problem with WEP wifi protection!