TP-Link TL-WN821N Wireless Adapter

I just instal the new firmware 1.04.10 of my WD TV Live HD Media player, and the adapter still is not recognized by the WD. Can anyone help me? 

Is it a version V2.2?

If not, it’s not supported.

it´s a V3.  Can i change it? or how can put it work?

Well, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.     There’s nothing you can do, unless you choose to wait for firmware that DOES support that, but who knows when or if that’d happen…


just bought brand new wd live tv today along with a tp-link wn821n. guess what, its 3.1, so im fscked :confused:

any chance it will ever be supported (upgraded to as of 30th dec 2010), or should i replace it with a 100% supported one?

happy new year to all of you guys


just to report back the progress:

tp-link tl-wn727 does work!

it has a ralink rt3070 chipset, so every dongle with this chip should also work fine!


here is an exteded list of allegedly supported sticks: